• Creates a new update mission pool operation for a given mission pool.


    • honeycomb: Honeycomb

      An instance of the Honeycomb class.

    • args: CreateUpdateMissionPoolOperationArgs

      The arguments for updating the mission pool.

    Returns Promise<{
        operation: Operation;

    An object containing the update mission pool operation.


    const honeycomb = new Honeycomb(...); // Initialize Honeycomb instance
    const missionPoolAddress = ...; // Mission pool address to be updated
    const updateArgs = {
    // Provide the update mission pool arguments
    const createUpdateMissionPoolArgs: CreateUpdateMissionPoolOperationArgs = {
    args: updateArgs,
    project: myProjectPublicKey,
    missionPool: missionPoolAddress,
    collection: myCollectionPublicKey, // (Optional) Provide a custom collection public key if needed
    creator: myCreatorPublicKey, // (Optional) Provide a custom creator public key if needed
    programId: myCustomProgramId, // (Optional) Provide a custom program ID if needed
    const { operation } = createUpdateMissionPoolOperation(honeycomb, createUpdateMissionPoolArgs);
    // Execute the update mission pool transaction
    await operation.send(confirmOptions);

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