• Returns a new instance of NectarMissions based on the provided args.


    • honeycomb: Honeycomb

      The Honeycomb instance.

    • args: PublicKey | NewMissionPoolArgs

      Either a web3.PublicKey or a NewMissionPoolArgs object.

    Returns Promise<NectarMissions>

    A NectarMissions instance.


    // Create a new mission pool
    const args: NewMissionPoolArgs = {
    args: {
    // ... (CreateMissionPoolArgs properties)
    project: honeycombProject, // Your HoneycombProject instance
    const missions = nectarMissionsModule(honeycomb, args);

    // Get an existing mission pool
    const missionPoolAddress = new web3.PublicKey("your_mission_pool_address");
    const missions = nectarMissionsModule(honeycomb, missionPoolAddress);

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