• This function creates a CreateCreateProfile operation using the specified Honeycomb instance and the provided arguments. The operation is used to create a new profile in a HoneycombProject for the given identity.

    The function calculates the profile and DID data public keys using the project's address, the user's address, and the provided identity.

    Additionally, the function creates individual AddProfileData operations for each profile data configuration in the HoneycombProject and adds them to the overall operations array.


    Returns Promise<{
        operations: Operation[];
        profile: web3.PublicKey;

    An object containing the array of operations and the profile public key.


    const honeycomb = new Honeycomb(connection);
    const project = new HoneycombProject(...); // Replace with actual HoneycombProject parameters.

    // Define the ProfileIdentity for the new profile.
    const identity: ProfileIdentity = {
    __kind: "Value",
    value: "my-profile-identity",

    // Create CreateCreateProfile operation.
    const operationArgs: CreateCreateProfileOperationArgs = {
    project: project,
    identity: identity,
    const { operations, profile } = await createCreateProfileOperation(honeycomb, operationArgs);

    // Execute the operations.
    for (const operation of operations) {
    await operation.send();
    console.log("Profile created:", profile); // The public key of the newly created profile.

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