• This function creates a RemoveProfileData operation using the specified Honeycomb instance and the provided arguments. The operation is used to remove profile data from the associated IdentityProfile.

    The function calculates the project public key, profile public key, and merkle tree public key using the provided parameters. It also generates the necessary instructions for the operation, including authority, payer, delegateAuthority, and rentSysvar.


    Returns Promise<{
        operation: Operation;

    An object containing the operation.


    const honeycomb = new Honeycomb(connection);
    const project = HoneycombProject.fromAddress(...); // Create the HoneycombProject instance.
    const profile = honeycomb.identity().profile(); // Create the IdentityProfile instance.

    // Create RemoveProfileData operation with specified data removal arguments.
    const operationArgs: CreateRemoveProfileDataArgs = {
    args: {
    label: "email", // The label of the profile data to remove.
    profile: profile,
    const { operation } = await createRemoveProfileDataOperation(honeycomb, operationArgs);
    operation.send(); // The generated RemoveProfileData operation.

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