• This function creates a VerifyProfileEntityData operation using the specified Honeycomb instance and the provided arguments. The operation is used to verify and update the entity data of a user's profile stored in the Merkle tree.

    The function generates the necessary instructions for the operation, including authority, payer, rent sysvar, log wrapper, compression program, instructions sysvar, and vault.


    Returns Promise<{
        operation: Operation;

    An object containing the operation.


    const honeycomb = new Honeycomb(connection);

    // Create VerifyProfileEntityData operation with specified arguments.
    const operationArgs: CreateVerifyProfileEntityDataOperationArgs = {
    args: {
    root: [...],
    leaf: [...],
    leafIndex: 0,
    }, // The entity data to be verified and updated.
    profile: userProfile, // The user's profile.
    merkleTree: merkleTreePublicKey, // The public key of the Merkle tree storing the entity data.
    const { operation } = createVerifyProfileEntityDataOperation(honeycomb, operationArgs);
    operation.send(); // The generated VerifyProfileEntityData operation.

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